2018 Pure Raw, Resort, Baltimore MD

2018 On Human Limits, Present Co., New York NY

2018 Punctual Reality, High Tide, Philadelphia PA

2018 Of Fictive Intentions, Vacation, New York NY

2018 8, LVL3, Chicago IL

2018 Imperfect Tools for Navigation, American

Medium, New York NY


2017 The Holy Ghost Goes to Bed at Midnight, School33,

Baltimore MD

2017 Dream World Real World, Current Space,

Baltimore MD


2016 No Vacancy, ALT ESC, New York NY

2016 Occhio Barbera, Rose Arcade, Firenze Italia

2015 New Destruction, LVL3, Chicago IL

2015 Real Rocks are Heavy and Hard to Find, Gallery

Four, Baltimore MD

2015 B(L)RRR, Three Four Three Four, New York NY


2014 xXx, Current Space, Baltimore MD

2014 Tenebris, Spudnik, Chicago IL

2014 Welp, Bowbarr, Carrboro NC

2014 Hoi Polli, Kaplan Gallery, Rockville MD


2013 Reguarding Territory, Furthermore, Washington DC

2013 Not Yet in Ruin, Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore MD

2013 Ephemeral Arena, Gallery Four, Baltimore MD

2013 Print/Collect, Current Space, Baltimore MD

2013 Vox IX, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA